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Consumer Lending

The Consumer Finance Division (CFD) licenses and regulates the business activities of all companies, excluding depository institutions or insurance companies, that make consumer loans which have annual percentage rates exceeding 12% and are not secured by real property or a residential dwelling.

Entities that are involved solely in retail sales agreement transactions are not required to be licensed by the CFD.

If a website will be used to make supervised loans or process payments electronically for supervised loans, a separate license will be required in addition to the license for the home office. A separate application and fee will be required for each website.

Complete a record in Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System (NMLS) and submit it to the Consumer Finance Division for approval. Any company wishing to apply for a license must do so through NMLS. Licenses are issued and regulated pursuant to The South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, Title 37


Consumer Lending Applications, Instructions and Forms